Best Digital Watches Under 2000 Rupees in India

In my previous article, I have discussed some of the best digital watches below Rs. 1000 across the top brands. Many people were asking for the digital watches with price range of Rs. 2000 and below, so I thought to share the list for this price range as well. Honestly, there are thousands of watches for this price range. But finding the best of them would be a difficult task. Well, you no need to worry about searching for the best digital watches under 2000, as you can find them right here! I handpicked the best list of digital watches for the specified price range from across different brands.

Here we go..

Sonata NF7990PP01J

Sonata NF7990PP01J Digital Watch

Have you been searching for the watch that comes with multiple features & multi-functions? If yes, then Sonata NF7990PP01J is for you! This watch doesn’t just have style and looks, but also some really cool features such as Chrono Alarm, Date & Day Display, Light, Stop Watch and Alarm Clock. The water resistance depth of this watch is 100 m. You can jump into swimming pool or play in rain without any fear, water could not destroy your watch. The strap is made up of solid rubber and the back case is made up of stainless steel. If you would ask me which could be the best digital watch under 2000 rupees, I would definitely recommend Sonata NF7990PP01J. The price of this watch is Rs. 1,199 only!

Casio D011 Vintage Series

Casio D011 Vintage Series Digital Watch

Casio has always been one of the most popular brand around the world. The vintage series comes with an added features and awesome built quality. When we talk about Casio D011 Vintage Series, it comes with some additional features when compared to Sonata NF7990PP01J. Apart from Date & Day Display, Light, Stop Watch, Alarm Clock and Chrono Alarm, this watch comes with hourly time signal, calendar, 12/24 hours format and LED light. And also the display seems to be more attractive with all the features mentioned on it. And the most interesting thing is that, this watch can be used by both men & women for formal and casual occasions as well. The price of Casio D011 is Rs. 1,195 only.

Q&Q M119J001Y

Q&Q M119J001Y Digital Watch

When we think about the great built quality and design, Q&Q is one of the best and trusted brand. Q&Q M119J001Y comes with some awesome features including Day & Day display, Electro-luminescent Backlight, Alarm Clock, Countdown Timer, Stop Watch and 12/24 hours format. Q&Q M119J001Y is one of the best and most popular digital watch compared to all other Q&Q digital watches. The strap is made up of resin material in complete black color and the case comes with stainless steel. This watch has water resistance depth of 100 m. Q&Q M119J001Y costs Rs. 1,495 only!

As you have seen some of the best digital watches under 2000 rupees, it really depends on you which watch would fit with your personality and budget. More watches will be shared in the next coming days.

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