7 Best Digital Watches Under 1000 Rupees in India

In this modern era, finding the best digital watch online has become more easier than ever. As the technology is getting cheaper day by day, finding the best digital watches under 1000 has become extremely easy. Few things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing any watch are – whether the watch suits your wrist perfectly, whether the watch fulfills all your needs and if the watch is worth praising! When you are thinking of investing Rs. 1000 for a digital watch, why not choose a watch that satisfies all your needs? Although there are plenty of watches out there, I handpicked the best digital watches below 1000 that are popular and top-rated as well. So let’s check out the list of best digital watches right away!

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1. Sonata NG7982PP02J

Sonata Digital Grey Dial Men's Watch - NG7982PP02J

NG7982PP02J digital watch features date and day display, alarm clock, stop watch, light and hourly chime. And to surprise you, this watch costs just Rs. 399 on Amazon. Isn’t it amazing to own a watch with amazing looks and packed with lots of features at low price? Sonata NG7982PP02J  comes in a sporty look with 3 sub dials and beautifully designed case. The watch weighs 60 grams and have water resistance depth of 30 m. If you have been looking for the best digital watches under Rs. 1000, then I would recommend you to check this out!

2. Sonata NH7965PP04J Digital Watch

Sonata NH7965PP04J Digital Watch for Men

Sonata NH7965PP04J digital watch is for the people who are so much into sports! The design itself shows how sporty the watch is! The strap is made up of rubber fabric with a beautiful color combination of black and yellow. The features includes Alarm, Date & Day display and Stopwatch. Unlike all other watches mentioned here, this watch comes with a unique feature that measures temperature on the move. Isn’t it amazing? Sonata NH7965PP04J is definitely one of the Best Digital Watches Under 1000 Rs in India. The watch comes with a 30 m water resistant. It costs just Rs. 849 only!

3. Sonata NG7982PP03J

Sonata Digital Grey Dial Men's Watch - NG7982PP03J

Sonata NG7982PP02J & NG7982PP03J are very similar compared to the features and design. It’s just that, NG7982PP03J comes with the complete black dial & strap, and NG7982PP02J  comes with the combination of black and silver. The band width comes with 21 millimeters and case diameter of 43 millimeters. It really depends on the taste of people. Some like plain black and some likes the combination of colors. The price of Sonata NG7982PP03J is just Rs. 399 only.

4. Skmei New Fashion Digital Led Sports Wrist Men’s Digital Watch

Skmei New Fashion Digital Led Sports Wrist Digital Watch for Men

If you have been searching for the best led watch, then you definitely want to check this one. Skmei New Fashion Digital Led Sports Watch comes in rectangular shape which is one of it’s most attractive feature. Some other features includes alarm clock, luminous display and date display. This LED watch contains all the important features that we need in our daily life. Whether it’s day or night, this watch can comfort us with every need. If you were searching for the best digital watches under 1000, then I strongly recommend this one. This watch costs Rs. 999 (Rs. 599 after discount – as on 3-14-2017)

5. Sonata NH77006PP02J Men’s Digital Watch

Sonata NH77006PP02J Digital Watch for Men

Just like Skmei, Sonata NH77006PP02J digital watch comes with the same features such as Alarm clock, date display and light display. It comes with an additional feature of stopwatch, which is another most helpful and entertaining feature. Sonata NH77006PP02J comes with a solid built quality with strap made up of fiber with 30 m water resistant. However, the display is different compared to Skmei. This watch costs Rs. 625 only!

6. Casio Vintage Series F-91W-1DG (D002)

Casio Vintage Series Digital Black Dial Men's Watch - F-91W-1DG

Casio F-91W-1DG features a neat and simple digital LCD display with date & time, Alarm clock, hourly signal beep, stop watch and light. These features are extremely helpful for the people who are busy in their day-to-day life. It comes with the rectangular dial with all the features mentioned on the respective four corners of the display. The watch has the water resistance depth of 10 m. Casio F-91W-1DG costs Rs. 795 with 2 years of domestic warranty.

7. Sonata NG7982PP01J

Sonata Digital Grey Dial Men's Watch - NG7982PP01J

It’s time to go funky with Sonata! Sonata NG7982PP01J is one of the best digital watch for men below 1000 that features date and day display, alarm clock, stop watch, light and hourly beep. This watch comes with water resistance depth of 30 m. The strap is made up of black synthetic material and case with plastic. With the superb built quality and design, Sonata NG7982PP01J is highly recommended watch that you need to check out! The price of Sonata NG7982PP01J is just Rs. 399 only!


As you have seen the 7 best best digital watches under 1000 rupees, it really depends on you to select the watch based on your needs and budget. I will be adding few more digital watches with price below 1000 Rupees.